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What We Do

Domestic Workers’ Aid works to ensure that domestic workers in Lebanon are protected by labour laws, like any other worker. 

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Past Cases 

We have had a number of successes in getting domestic workers sent home who were being held against their will, and helping them obtain their unpaid salaries.


The 10 year enslavement of Halima Ubpah, Filipino, by Ibtissam Saade, a prominent Lebanese politician and defender of women’s rights. As a result of pressure from the Facebook page, Halima was released in 2017. During her 10 years in Lebanon she was denied all contact with her family in the Philippines and did not remit any salary. Another domestic worker died jumping from the balcony attempting to escape from the same family. Halima was sent home with $4,000. Lawyers are taking her case to court


The failed escape of Lensa Lulisa, Ethiopian, from Eleanore Couture, an internationally-renowned haute couture business. Lensa jumped from the second floor resulting in two broken legs, a broken pelvis and broken jaw. We published a video she filmed documenting the abuse leading to her attempted escape. Following media coverage of the video, the sponsors took her back to their house and had her paraded live on Lebanese television to declare that the hospital video was a lie and that she loved them. Lensa has recently been sent home and we will release a documentary which we filmed in Ethiopia; she will confirm that the first video filmed in hospital is a true account of events. We are arranging for her to take Eleanore Couture to court. 


The release of Sonam Moktan, Nepali, after 10 years of slavery to Dr Boutros Bou Younis, a well-known doctor and winemaker. Dr Boutros had Sonam sign a document that she received her full salary and deported her as a result of pressure from our page. Sonam is illiterate and went home mentally ill. 

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